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DY-W360 touchless automatic car wash machine
  • Main features

    1. Smart 360 rotate arm, Flush car body 360° with high pressure water.

    2.Complete 360° rotating within 50 seconds, up to 80bar high pressure water can easiy remove the dirt.

    3.  Spray shampoo washing chemicals and soft wax, forming a multi-layered
    protective film, with superior protection of car paint.

    4.  Optional 4sets 12kw air dryers can fast drying the vehicle up to 90%.

    5.  W360 Car wash equipment adopts German Pinfl or Italy Bertolini high pressure piston pump.

    6.  W360 Car wash equipment adopts French Schneider Electricals, German Siemens PLC, German P+F ultrasonic sensor.

    7.  W360 Car wash equipment adopts Aluminum waterproof motor with variable frequency drive.

    8.  Hot-dip galvanized mounting frames, 7 inch color touch screen, 304 stainless steel rotate arm.


    Main machine size 2900mm*1000mm*660mm
    Rail length 6000mm
    Min Mounting Dimensions ( L*W*H ) 7000mm*3300mm*3300mm
    Max car wash size ( L*W*H ) 5500mm*2600mm*2000mm
    Power Requirement 380V/16Kw, 50Hz/60Hz
    Air switch 80A air switch
    Air fan motor power (optional) 4sets/12Kw (optional)
    Speed 360 wash 50 seconds.
    Shampoo consumption 50~100ML/Car
    Wax consumption 20~40ML/Car
    Water consumption Fast wash 120L/car, Super wash 220L/car
    Electricity consumption Fast wash 0.5 KW·H/car, Super wash 1 KW·H/car
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